Ahhh, Spring…

I always have a sense of relief as we move into Spring. The birds are starting to migrate through, the ice is melting off the lake, and we have noticeably more sun as the day lengthens. (Thank goodness!) And with the extra daylight, my motivation returns and spirits are uplifted.

Glendalough State Park

As usual, I have plenty of irons in the fire. I am revamping my online store. I will be offering prints and cards soon! So if you had your eye on a piece just contact me directly and we can work out your purchase directly. I’d love to hear from you anyway and what you love about it!

Plein air painting is nagging at me at the temps warm up. I’m sort of a wimp about Winter painting. If I do at all, it is from the warmth of my vehicle. I’m looking forward to paint outs with new outdoor painter friends and exploring new places now through Fall. I decided to participate in Plein Air Grand Marais and Prairie Lakes en Plein Air, both in September. Both offer several workshops that look interesting and a fun way to meet likeminded artists.

Kids printmaking project planning.

I was fortunate to receive a 2021 grant from Minnesota State Arts Board to develop online and in person kids’ art classes! I’m very excited about this project and I will post more details soon.

As far as events go, Art deTour will be June 18-20 and as part of the MSAB grant and materials donated by Cardboard Cares, I will be teaching a kids (and kids at heart) printmaking project throughout those 3 days. Kids will also be able to pick up a watercolor kit courtesy of Cardboard Cares that will go with my online watercolor classes for kids. Be sure to add that to your calendar so you don’t miss out!

Cardboard Cares is a local industrial cardboard recycling nonprofit service supporting kids’ art programming. Visit them at cardboardboardcares.org. Learn about MSAB and how they support artists and communities by visiting them at arts.state.mn.us. Thank your representatives for supporting the arts and tell them the positive impacts these programs have on you personally!

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