Bio & Artist Statement


Chanda Kraft is an Alexandria, MN based visual artist capturing landscapes, florals, and wildlife in oil, watercolor, and drawing mediums. Her home studio overlooks Lake Carlos where she lives with her husband Philip and children, Kyler and Savannah. One of her earliest memories as an artist was when she was 7 years old. She had a favorite climbing tree where she would take her box of crayons up and draw pictures all over the bark of the tree as far as she could reach. Her family cultivated respect and appreciation for nature through outdoor adventures including numerous Boundary Waters canoe trips. After working in graphic design for many years, she managed a small farm raising Lamancha dairy goats, free-range chickens, and alpacas using sustainable practices. During this time she taught herself how to knit, hand spin yarn, and make cheese and goat milk soaps. Although she no longer farms, she is still an advocate for sustainability and wilderness conservation to this day. She holds degrees in graphic design, psychology, and teaching. She teaches art workshops locally and enjoys many outdoor activities with her family year round, hand spins yarn, knits, and plays classical guitar.

Artist Statement

Gratitude and curiosity for the natural places are driving forces behind Chanda Kraft’s work. Chanda’s creative work has focused on natural subject matter helping her feel emotionally present and grounded. Exploring wilderness and creating art are spiritually, physically, and emotionally restorative practices that make her feel connected to nature and reduce anxiety. Her work is a contribution to the growing collective of women’s experiences with wilderness and brings awareness to conservation needs. Protecting the environment is crucial to preserve precious biodiversity, clean water and air, and undisturbed places for people to momentarily escape modern life’s demands to rest in the sublime now and for future generations.

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