Are you interested in learning new art skills? Or maybe you just need support and motivation that taking a class offers. Teaching art energizes me! I love those Ah-Ha moments my students have. Watching you grow as an artist is so rewarding for me as a teacher! I am available for individual or small group workshops, kids classes, and youth mentorship. Be on the lookout for free kids art classes with me in the Alexandria, MN area thanks to a Minnesota State Arts Board grant and kids art supplies provided by Cardboard Cares!


If you are looking for personalized art lessons for yourself or a small group, send me a message and let me know what you would like to work on, what you struggle with, what inspires you! I will tailor a customized learning plan to your artistic goals and walk you through the creative process. If coming to my studio is not an option, we can meet outdoors, plein air, or online via Zoom. I’m always open to other creative solutions to deliver quality art instruction to you!


If you are interested in learning how to paint en plein air, send me a message to get updates on upcoming workshops. We will meet at designated locations and times for lessons and demonstrations of my process for painting outdoors in oils and/or watercolor. If certain days and times work better for you, let me know so as I build the schedule I can be accommodating as much as possible.


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